Inspired by: The Anxiety Causing Pandemic

March 24, 2020

Anyone reading this is no stranger to the entire world’s unbelievable state of chaos caused by the Coronavirus-or formally known as COVID-19, so there is no need for me to explain. I will say though, that I’ve spent most of today in a terrible headspace, with my anxiety soaring to incredible heights. I’m not even sure how to organize my thoughts into comprehensible sentences, so if you’re reading this bare with me.

In January the Coronavirus had just barely made news, coming out of China, and even landing a case in our state. But never would I have imagined the turn of events that have taken place. Thousands of people have died, many many more are sick, people everywhere are unknowingly carrying, contracting, and spreading this virus, and inevitably our hospitals and healthcare workers are struggling to keep up everywhere in the world. The numbers are rising so quickly, the entire world is experiencing a quarantine or shut down of some sort, and no living person has ever experienced anything like this. So many people are losing their jobs, so many people are losing their family members, so many people are losing their lives, and many people are forced to put their own lives at risk everyday in order to save the lives of others. And as a result of all of this, my anxiety is through the roof.

On so many levels I am trying to remain positive; Trying to imagine how changed my life, and the way me and my family live after this will look. I’m trying to have faith that the seemingly tiny amount of time our state and a few others are on a shut down for, will actually make a difference significant enough that our lives will resume as normal in just a few short weeks. I keep trying to imagine laughing about how crazy the “coronacation” was, or telling my daughter and maybe any other future children about experiencing something like this in my lifetime….But on another level, my mind keeps taking me to the reality of how heavy all of this really is. I keep thinking about what will happen if doctors and nurses start contracting this virus themselves, and can no longer care for the already overwhelmingly large numbers of sick patients at the hospitals. I think about all of the people currently hospitalized that can’t have their families in the room, and how terrifying that must be for them. I keep thinking about how many people I saw at the supermarket without gloves or masks to protect themselves, and how simply reckless that is. I think about our next door neighbors and so many other women that are expecting a baby any day now, and how scary that must be for them to not know what type of care they will receive when they get there- not to mention how devastating it must be for them to not be able to allow family to visit their fragile new baby once it arrives. All of this has been playing over and over and over again all. Day. Long. But tomorrow I must do better.

Tomorrow I will go for a run to clear up some headspace. Tomorrow I will plan to complete a project, and then prioritize said project. Tomorrow I will make sure to keep our waddler busy and happy. Tomorrow I will remain positive and hope it leaks over onto my wife, too. Tomorrow I will get outside, if only just for a 20 minute walk. I will do all of these things, because these are the only things I can control right now, and I have decided these are the things I will focus on from here. I will only watch a little bit of the news each day to help prevent the growing anxiety, and I will do whatever it takes to stay happy, healthy, and busy for me and my family. I hope you all can do that, too :). What are some ways you and your family are staying healthy, happy, and distracted? I’d love to hear them! Stay safe!

I’ve got the fever. The baby fever.

October 22,2019

For anyone that read my birth story, you might know that 7 months ago I had our daughter Lucy after a 6 day induction that lead to a c-section. Literally moments after Lucy was born, my temperature had dropped so low from the anesthesia, that they had to wrap my entire head and upper body with warm blankets to help get it back up. It was in those moments, and after everything else that I had experienced throughout pregnancy , that my wife turned to me, kissed me, and said “we aren’t doing this again”. And I could not have agreed more. And yet, here we are…7 months later, with the most precious baby girl, and the newfound baby fever that has struck us like lightning.

My wife has been a little more on board about a second child since Lucy was probably about a month old, but I couldn’t bring myself to accept the idea. In fact, everything about having just one child intrigued me. To start, financially, we would save money by having just one child. Next, the idea was intriguing simply because I was one of five children in my family. But also, travel would be easier, we can offer more experiences and opportunities, simply going to the grocery store is easier,etc. etc. But as of recently, I can’t help but think I can’t possibly rob Lucy of the experience of having a sibling. I know I personally lean on my siblings a TON. I love having siblings.

One of my biggest hesitations about starting for a second child, has been my wife’s work schedule. Her schedule has been a bit wonky throughout our entire relationship, leaving me to do a majority of parenting solo throughout the week. I want her on a new shift before making the leap. With new hope of that wish actually coming true, I think the idea of adding another little has ignited quite the desire.

Here are some photos of Lucy, whom I am certain will make an INCREDIBLE big sister one day!

For those of you that have more than one kiddo, at what age did you try for your second?

The Seriously Overdue Birth Story

Wow!  What an incredible whirlwind parenthood is!  I am ashamed that it has taken me over 5 months to write this, but, you know, life sometimes gets in the way.  About 5 weeks after we celebrated our 1st baby shower, and I made my last post, our sweet Lucy girl joined us earth side.  She was about a month early, and came pretty unexpectedly, while simultaneously taking what seemed like an eternity to arrive.  I guess I should explain, but bare with me, it’s a long one.

On March 8th, my wife and I headed an hour south to my 36 week appointment with our OB.  As some might be familiar, we had been talking an early induction, simply because we had a pregnancy via IVF, but also I had been diagnosed with gestational hypertension, and straddling the line of preeclampsia for about half of the pregnancy.  That morning, however, my blood pressure was the best it had been in weeks (thank you, labetolal), and there was no sign of movement during my cervical check, despite the intense pressure I had been feeling for weeks up until that point.  In fact, during the cervical check, our doctor mentioned her concern for me being able to deliver vaginally, because, as she said, my pelvic bones were/are really narrow.  Before leaving we set an induction date for March 29th ( our due date was April 4th) with our doctor that we had been seeing the entire pregnancy.  For a couple of weeks leading up to that 36 week appointment, I had been feeling really run down, my entire body was beginning to ache, and I wasn’t sleeping well at night, so when we left that appointment I was feeling a little bit disappointed that I would have to survive a few more weeks before meeting our little girl.

By the time we got home from our hour drive from the hospital, I was feeling off.  At first I just chalked it up to being a little bummed about the induction date being further out than anticipated, so after my wife left for work I decided to lay down and take a nap.  Only, once I woke up from my nap I still felt pretty off.  I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what  was feeling wrong, I just knew I didn’t feel right.  I ate some food, and shortly afterward I decided to take my blood pressure with the blood pressure machine my doctor had instructed me to get earlier in my pregnancy.  The first reading was much higher than it had been that morning at the office, so I waited a few minutes and took it again.  Still elevated.  I sat there and took my blood pressure over and over again for probably 20-25 minutes before i decided I should probably call my doctor.  Our doctor’s nurse instructed me to head into triage since she said I was feeling “off”-not worth taking any chances.  For whatever reason this made me very emotional, and I spent a few minutes crying to our pups and loading the car up with mine and the baby’s hospital bag – just in case.  If I remember correctly, I got there around 5:00 that evening, and of course it was the one appointment Erika had not been able to attend with me, because she was already at work, and had already taken time from work to make every other appointment.

We had a couple we had met through our centering class at the hospital that was due to be admitted for induction that same evening, so upon arriving to triage, I had sent them a text to jokingly say I was having sympathy pains, and good luck.  But after about an hour of being hooked up to blood pressure machines, and belly bands to monitor Lucy, they could not get my blood pressure to stabilize.  The nurse I had been hanging out with guessed that it was possible my medication needed to be a bit higher, or that it could be that I was close to being due for my medication for the night, and that was why my blood pressure would not go down.  She assured everything was probably fine, but that she was going to bring the on-call doctor in to chat about what could be going on.  I cracked a few jokes with the nurse, and then in walked a Sarah Silverman look-alike, or, as she introduced herself, the doctor on call for the evening.  She also mentioned it could be a medication issue, but that she was a little concerned about the fact that instead of plateauing or decreasing, my blood pressure was actually casually rising.  Within less than two minutes of holding a very calm and casual conversation with this doctor, my blood pressure jumped to alarming rates, and the doctor jumped out of her chair and started ordering my nurse and several others around.  I couldn’t understand the lingo, and quite honestly, I thought she was joking.  We literally went from joking around, to her frantically running to the computer on the other side of my bed and ordering everyone in the room to quickly get bladdy bladdy blah (that’s me attempting to know all the hospital jargon she was throwing around).  The doctor asked where my wife was, and when I told her at work, she said I needed to call her right away and have her get here.  She told me to tell her they are starting me on Magnesium to prevent me from going into a seizure, that I was being admitted, and that I wasn’t leaving without our daughter.  I did all of that, and just as soon as I had put my phone down, I started seeing what seemed like glitter or sparkles throughout my entire vision- a symptom they had warned me about with high blood pressure.  Because everyone was already frantically running around to get me hooked to IV’s, I decided I wouldn’t mention the sparkles.  One moment that stands out to me in particular, was when the nurse that had been with me all night was trying to get an IV into my right hand, a new nurse was trying to get an IV into my left hand, and a third nurse entered my room.  The third nurse says “Hi!  What can I do to help?” and the nurse that had been with me all night says ” CALM.  DOWN!”  Third nurse says “I am calm.  Do I not seem calm?” and the first nurse says “Tell the doctor to CALM. DOWN.”  I thought this was so funny!  I later saw those two same nurses again when they learned I was STILL at the hospital and had told other nurses about this story, so they came to see us.  ANYWAYS!

Eventually another nurse, Sue, stepped in and took me downstairs into my room to get me setup and ready to start the induction.  She started by giving me a shot of steroids to the butt.  The steroids were to help Lucy’s lungs develop because she was technically premature at 36 weeks, and they wanted to take cautious but necessary steps to making sure she would be healthy following delivery.  Next, Sue gave me my first Miso pill to begin the induction process.  Erika was eventually able to get off of work, and I believe she got to me around 8pm.  However, after she arrived we quickly realized that Eri’s and my hospital bag was not fully packed, and we did not have some very necessary things, so I instructed Eri to leave for the night and just plan on returning really early the next morning, because I didn’t see much movement happening that night.  Eri left, and I attempted to get some sleep for the night, but nurses were in and out every few minutes to check my blood pressure, i had to come undone from machines that monitored Lucy just to go to the bathroom, and of course the hospital beds are extremely uncomfortable, so I really didn’t get much sleep at all.  Eri returned the next morning by around 7 or 8, I believe.

The next morning was exciting, because Eri and I thought we would be having a baby within hours.  We were so hopeful!  However, that’s not exactly how things went, and the next few days became a slow, grueling process.  Every four hours the nurses did a cervical check to see if any progress was being made.  When they discovered nothing was happening, they’d give me another Miso pill, wait another four hours, and then do another cervical check.  This went on for 24 hours, with a total of 6 Miso pills; The final Miso administered vaginally.  No movement.  Their goal was to get me to at least 1cm of dilation so they could insert a foley balloon to then speed up the dilation process.  After the first failed round of Miso, they tried pitocin for 24 hours.  The pitocin helped to amp up my contractions, but unfortunately, it didn’t work well enough, and I couldn’t even feel the contractions.  After the pitocin failed, they did another round of Miso pills.  Only this time all six pills were administered vaginally.  So not only was there a nurse or doctor putting a pill up my vagina every 4 hours, there was also nurses and doctors performing cervical checks every 2-4 hours.  Needless to say, there is literally no modesty in pregnancy and child birth.  Another 24 hours had passed, and still, no movement.  Meanwhile, the magnesium and Iv’s I was on were causing me to feel very ill.  Imagine the worst hangover of your life.  Major headache, sick feeling body, my legs were like jello, and because of my blood pressure I was not allowed to get out of bed except to use the bathroom-and as I mentioned, that was quite a bit of work.  Because of the lack of sleep, the Magnesium, the constant people in and out of my vagina, and the inability to get out of bed, by the third day I was mentally and emotionally depleted, and began asking the doctor about a c-section.

The doctor on-call the third day was our least favorite doctor throughout our entire stay at the hospital, and she just happened to be the same doctor that denied me a c-section when I asked for one.  She mentioned that they were a low c-section rate hospital, and tried to encourage me that I could get to a new milestone quickly, and do things naturally.  So onto another round of pitocin we went.  But before we did, my nurse that day managed to get me a shower.  The doctor that morning ( a different doctor than the one we disliked-in fact, it was the same doctor that had originally admitted me to the hospital) had told my nurse that I could not shower because I could not come off of the Magnesium.  The nurse assured her that I would be super fast, and that she would stand in the bathroom with me the entire time.  That nurses name was Sarah, and she is my new hero.  I was feeling so discouraged and run down, and that shower helped boost my spirits so much.  I felt like a new person.

We did 24 hours of the pitocin again, and the new on-call doctor came in to check me.  She didn’t feel confident I was at a 1cm of dilation, but she wanted to try to insert the balloon anyways.  To much of her surprise, she was successful.  We high-fived, and a new found hope had ignited for us.  But HOLY CRAP! Nobody told me how uncomfortable and painful the foley balloon would be!  This may be too much information, but hey, it comes with the territory!!  But, I hadn’t been able to go to the bathroom since arriving in the hospital.  I was later told it was the magnesium that was causing that, but in addition to the foley balloon, I was SERIOUSLY uncomfortable.  I eventually had to call a nurse for a suppository (they had already given me stool softeners that hadn’t done the trick)…talk about embarrassing.  But once I was able to go to the bathroom, a little bit of pressure was relieved and I was a little bit more comfortable.  I don’t remember how much time passed after the foley balloon was inserted that it fell out, but I think it was about 6 hours.  SUCH RELIEF once that damn balloon fell out!  And FINALLY I was at 4cm of dilation and they were able to break my water! YAY!  Again, another new milestone, and another spark of hope.  They then had to give me ANOTHER IV, this time of Penicillin to prevent some sort of infection, because there were pending results they were waiting for, and they didn’t want to risk me giving birth without this antibiotic (sorry, I don’t remember the details of the penicillin well, there was a lot going on).  After my water was broken and they had hooked me up to the penicillin, they allowed some time for my body to try to kick start labor on its own.  Hours later nothing had happened so they decided to start up the pitocin again, but this time they wanted me on a max dose; So every 30 minutes the nurse was cranking it up.  This definitely kick started labor and the contractions came at full force.  I told the nurse that my original plan was to not have an epidural, but because I had now been there for 6 days, and my body had been through the ringer, that I didn’t think I had the energy to push when the time came, without an epidural.  She said that was fine, but to just let her know when I was about 30 minutes out from wanting the epidural.  I told her this was me telling her 30 minutes from wanting the epidural.  4 hours went by, I still hadn’t received an epidural, I was experiencing the worst contractions, and my nurse was nowhere to be found.  Eri called the nurses station, and apparently my nurse was on lunch!!!  We were livid, but she came in and called for the epidural, only to find out that I couldn’t receive the epidural yet, because I was due for a blood draw.  To say we were pissed was an understatement.  I was in so much pain and concentrating on my breathing through the contractions, that when the nurse arrived to draw my blood, I literally have zero memory of that happening.  I came out of the hospital with a massive bruise on my arm from that blood draw, but I have no memory of it.  Finally the epidural arrived, and I had the thought of “why the fuck do people do this WITHOUT this drug?!”  I felt SO much better.

After the epidural, a resident came in and did a cervical check, and there was still no movement.  It was now 17 hours at 4cm of dilation, and I was DONE. I told the resident I was done and that I wanted a C-section. She left, spoke with the doctor, and came back about an hour later to tell us that my oxygen levels, my heart rate, and Lucy’s heart rate were plummeting, and that the doctor wanted to check me one more time.  I told her no, I wanted this to end.  By this time I was literally in and out of consciousness.  They hooked me up to oxygen, and I really don’t remember a whole lot after that.  My wife said me being in and out of consciousness was her breaking point.  The doctor on-call came in- and it happened to be the same doctor that had originally told me no to the c-section 3 days earlier.  This time she agreed that it was time (uh, thanks, doc!).  My hero nurse Sarah was back on duty, too ( not for me, unfortunately), and was shocked that we were still there!  She wished us luck, and a few hours later I was being prepped for surgery.  Eri was so nervous and just emotionally overwhelmed that she got pretty sick that morning, and we weren’t sure she was even going to be able to make it to the OR.  Luckily, she made it happen, and before I knew it she was sitting beside me while they pulled and tugged my body apart.  The nurses in the OR asked what we were naming our baby, and when I told them Lucy, they put on Lucy in the Sky by the Beatles on repeat for her birth.  FINALLY, after  a 6-day failed induction, I heard the sweet cry of my beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl.  They put her on my chest, and every bit of this EXTREMELY long drawn out story (sorry guys) was worth it.

The recovery for a c-section was intense, but I’ll spare the details.  All I can say is, ALWAYS go into labor and delivery with an open mind, because if I hadn’t I think I would have been disappointed that NOTHING went the way I had hoped/wanted.  Ultimately the end goal is to make sure you and baby get out of the experience with good health.  And finally, ALWAYS, ALWAYS listen to your body and trust your instincts.  I can’t even imagine what the outcome may have looked like had I not listened to the fact that I just felt off on that otherwise normal day on March 8th!

If anyone made it this far…Thank you for sticking around and reading!  Here are some pictures of our sweet Lucy Annaliese Morgan and the moment she changed our lives forever!  Born March 13, 2019 at 8:29am at 5lbs 15oz 17.5inches longIMG_1326


Baby shower!

February 7,2019


This last weekend (Saturday February 2,2019)we celebrated our little girl! It was a whirlwind of a weekend with people in and out of town and our home, but it was so amazing to have some of our most treasured people all together in the same room to celebrate OUR little human. We are truly so lucky, and so is our girl.

We chose to keep the baby shower “theme” the same as her nursery, which is an Aztec-ish feel, with feathers, arrows, dream catchers, and a teepee. Eri’s aunt made the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes, complete with teepee and arrow toppers, and my sister-in-law, stormy put together some awesome games for the shower, while Eri’s mom hosted the entire event of 35 people in her home. It was overstimulating at times, and by the end of the evening I was utterly exhausted, but it was such an incredible celebration.

I’m to a point in the pregnancy that I am feeling extremely insecure about my weight gain, while also constantly fascinated that I am carrying life inside of me. But with that being said, I will post some pictures of the shower, but likely leave me out of the pictures! 😉

We concluded the festive weekend with the biggest snow storm I have personally ever seen in the state of Washington. It was both beautiful and terrifying! Terrifying because we had to drive for 5.5 hours at 31 weeks pregnant to the airport, on snow covered freeways, while accidents were happening all around us! BUT, we made it home safely, and then we were able to enjoy how beautiful it was! 🙂

all photos are done by my sister in law at cooperrain photography! 

Another ultrasound!

January 24,2019

A few days ago we attempted to take your grandparents to see our girl on the ultrasound. We set it up at a recreational 3D ultrasound place, because Erikas mom had been requesting to join, and we didn’t feel the hospital was an appropriate setting for her to attend.

We scooped them up early one Sunday morning, drove them down to the Seattle area, and excitedly settled in to see our baby on the big screen. However, squish, unfortunately, had plans of her own. The umbilical cord was right in front of her face so we were unable to capture a glimpse. The ultrasound tech had me get up and move around, drink some juice, and do some exercises to help move her in the womb, but none of those tactics seemed to work. In fact, our girl wouldn’t even lift a leg. Eventually she slightly moved her hand, but otherwise, nothing. She was passed out! We rescheduled and were on our way. Total bust.

A few days later we had an ultrasound my doctor had required. Because of my hypothyroidism, she wanted to be sure the baby is growing accordingly.

This ultrasound turned out to be amazingly awesome! The ultrasound tech switched from 2D to 3D and we were actually able to capture a little glimpse of our girl! We cannot believe her cheeks!! And I’m pretty sure she has Eri’s little chin! Such a cutie! We have our rescheduled 3D coming up on Tuesday that we are still excited for, but for now we are at peace with the tiny glimpse at what our girl looks like!

Christmas Vacation

January 10,2019

Boy has a lot happened in the last few months. For starters, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant today! (Whoa!)

Before we got pregnant, we booked a trip to Florida to spend Christmas with my family. My mom and sisters live in the panhandle of Florida, in Navarre, which is between Pensacola and Panama City beach, and my dad and step mom live 8 hours south of them in fort Meyers, Florida. Due to cheaper ticket prices, we flew out of Seattle on Christmas morning, and into Pensacola airport Christmas evening. With a 13 hour travel day, the stress of a house sitter/dog sitter hiccup, and being 25 weeks pregnant, my feet and ankles swelled 4x the size they were before leaving town. We figured the swelling was simply from a long travel day of flying and a bit of dehydration, but because one foot/ankle swelled up larger than the other, we spend the day after Christmas in triage at sacred heart in Pensacola to check for a blood clot. They almost immediately ruled out a blood clot, but just before releasing us they noticed my blood pressure had been elevated upon arriving. I was definitely stressed out-worried about anything going wrong so far away from home, and the environment was a bit stressful, too, but they decided to run tests to rule out preeclampsia. After several hours everything came back normal, and I was finally released.

We spent the next few days with my mom and sisters before heading south to see my pop. An 8-hour drove turned into an 11-hour road trip due to heavy traffic.

Finally we arrived in warm, sunny, beautiful fort Meyers where we spent the remainder of our trip.

We were sad to leave the warm sunshine, but eager to get home to our fur babies after 10 long days away.

Prior to our trip, I failed the 1-hr glucose challenge, and was asked to come back once returning from our trip for the 3-hour test.

Woohoo fun!!

Following our trip, we had our monthly check up with my OB. I Filled her in on the events that took place in Florida, and because my blood pressure was elevated that morning, too, she decided to have me hang around to try to see if my blood pressure would go down a bit. After waiting a few minutes, I was retested, and then admitted to triage once learning it was still elevated.

Triage took urine samples, blood, and checked in on baby. Baby looked great, but they found protein in my urine,

And my blood pressure took quite awhile to come down. Eventually they sent me home with a 24-hr urine collection kit, and told me to return in 24 hours to re-run all the tests. SO, yesterday I was back in triage! They said all of my tests came back normal, and to meet with my doctor again next week. The nurse warned that it could be gestational hypertension, and that they may want to closely monitor me the rest of the pregnancy.

Today I am taking the 3-hour glucose challenge, so hopefully we will get nothing but good news to follow all of this excitement. 🍻cheers to keeping baby girl in for at least 4 more weeks!! We can do it!

Does anyone here have any experience or insight on gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or simply just getting scares during pregnancy, but nothing coming of it? Please let me know if you have/do!

I’ll insert a few pictures from our Christmas 🙂

my little sister got engaged!!a picture from the hospital. lunch with my big sister!

The beautiful tree at the hospital cold, but still beautiful26 week’s pregnant and swollen feet-life from my perspective lately.

23 weeks and 5 days

December 11, 2018

Today we had a check up with our OB, and last night we had our centering class with our midwives where we learned tons about breastfeeding.

Today I had a swab test done to check me for infection due to excessive amounts of discharge. Still waiting for results, but not feeling very concerned about the issue.

I am 23 weeks and 5 days today! It’s unbelievable that we are barely over 16 weeks away from meeting our girl!

Within the last few weeks I have started feeling her move a ton more, and I can even see some of her kicks from the outside! Eri was able to feel one little kick from her, but hasn’t felt much more than that. Hopefully within the upcoming weeks she will feel her girl move around more!

We still don’t have much of Lucy’s nursery put together. We have gathered a few clothes, and some diapers, but we haven’t purchased any of the big furniture yet! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but we are in the middle of house projects, while also preparing for our daughter to arrive. My wife has worked tirelessly to rip up the carpet throughout our entire home, and replace it with laminate wood floors. She has all of the bedrooms done and the living room done, and next she will move onto the hallways, and then tackle the kitchen. She is doing a beautiful job! I can’t wait to share the results! We have also painted the main living space, as well as Lucy’s bedroom, so we have been pretty busy trying to get our home how we want it before the babe arrives. We know we won’t get everything done, but we are excited about the progress we have already made.

My hands, wrists, feet, and ankles have started to swell. They actually started swelling at about 19 weeks, but I’ve recently developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists. I now sleep with braces on both of my wrists to prevent the numbness and tingling, so that’s been fun! here is the beginning of Lucy’s room renovations. here is with the flooring done. I will update with a new picture once the nursery is put together. We’ve painted her walls since this picture, and sadly I don’t have an updated picture just yet!

Anatomy scan!

November 18,2018

Yesterday we had our anatomy ultrasound! We had been so eager for this ultrasound, because of her health, but especially to confirm her gender since we had already told so many people she was a girl, while also slightly preparing for a girl at home. We would gladly accept any healthy baby, it would just take a little mind alterations :). However, everything went really well, and she is in fact a girl! She is our Lucy Annaliese!

I am 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant today, definitely starting to show, and starting to feel occasional movements across my bladder. I was told at our early gender scan, and then again yesterday that I have an anterior placenta, which is why I’m not feeling a whole lot from her, but the doctor said that should change within the next few weeks.

I am so in love with our sweet girl already. I cannot believe how blessed we are to experience this pregnancy, how fortunate I am to carry this pregnancy, and just what a miracle Lucy’s life is! Eri and I are SO lucky to have been selected to be her mommy and mama!

Early gender ultrasound

October 10,2018

Today we had our early gender scan at an adorable little ultrasound place in Kirkland called hey baby ultrasound. I’m so overly excited to say that we are having a girl!!!!

The ultrasound tech was able to get a clear, immediate view because our girl was just hanging out, being mellow, and sitting perfectly for us to see! The tech was also very confident that she is, in fact, a girl!

I suppose we will have our anatomy scan in a few weeks to confirm, but because of my early intuition, I am 150% sure she is a girl!

Up until today we had her name picked out, but now eri is a bit on the fence with the name, so I’ll be anxious to see where we go with it!

I am literally on cloud nine! I cannot believe I am going to have a daughter!!!

The secret is out!

September 23, 2018

The announcement is officially out at 12 weeks and three days, and also on our 2nd wedding anniversary!

I was so nervous to put it out into the world. We are not quite out of the first trimester, and of course anything could happen. But after a discussion with eri, we decided that anything could happen at any point in the pregnancy, and heaven forbid something happen, we will always consider this a life worth celebrating.

All the same, despite our nerves, we are so excited to have finally shared the news!

12 week UPDATE:

While my nausea and exhaustion are not quite as debilitating as they were, exhaustion still creeps in as quickly as insomnia often shoots it down. I am officially in maternity jeans, and even have a tiny bump popping through. I sometimes find myself beyond hungry, and have had this intense hunger for several weeks now, but that is slowly subsiding too! Baby is also finally allowing me to eat fruits and veggies again, too!

We scheduled an HD ultrasound for an early gender scan in a few weeks. We are hopeful that we will get some good pictures of our kiddo, and get a good idea of what the gender is! Eek!

Within the next few months I’ll put together a list of financial breakdowns for any LGBT family looking to find pricing on what all of this may cost!

That’s it for now! Until next time!