Baby shower!

February 7,2019


This last weekend (Saturday February 2,2019)we celebrated our little girl! It was a whirlwind of a weekend with people in and out of town and our home, but it was so amazing to have some of our most treasured people all together in the same room to celebrate OUR little human. We are truly so lucky, and so is our girl.

We chose to keep the baby shower “theme” the same as her nursery, which is an Aztec-ish feel, with feathers, arrows, dream catchers, and a teepee. Eri’s aunt made the most beautiful and delicious cupcakes, complete with teepee and arrow toppers, and my sister-in-law, stormy put together some awesome games for the shower, while Eri’s mom hosted the entire event of 35 people in her home. It was overstimulating at times, and by the end of the evening I was utterly exhausted, but it was such an incredible celebration.

I’m to a point in the pregnancy that I am feeling extremely insecure about my weight gain, while also constantly fascinated that I am carrying life inside of me. But with that being said, I will post some pictures of the shower, but likely leave me out of the pictures! 😉

We concluded the festive weekend with the biggest snow storm I have personally ever seen in the state of Washington. It was both beautiful and terrifying! Terrifying because we had to drive for 5.5 hours at 31 weeks pregnant to the airport, on snow covered freeways, while accidents were happening all around us! BUT, we made it home safely, and then we were able to enjoy how beautiful it was! 🙂

all photos are done by my sister in law at cooperrain photography! 

Another ultrasound!

January 24,2019

A few days ago we attempted to take your grandparents to see our girl on the ultrasound. We set it up at a recreational 3D ultrasound place, because Erikas mom had been requesting to join, and we didn’t feel the hospital was an appropriate setting for her to attend.

We scooped them up early one Sunday morning, drove them down to the Seattle area, and excitedly settled in to see our baby on the big screen. However, squish, unfortunately, had plans of her own. The umbilical cord was right in front of her face so we were unable to capture a glimpse. The ultrasound tech had me get up and move around, drink some juice, and do some exercises to help move her in the womb, but none of those tactics seemed to work. In fact, our girl wouldn’t even lift a leg. Eventually she slightly moved her hand, but otherwise, nothing. She was passed out! We rescheduled and were on our way. Total bust.

A few days later we had an ultrasound my doctor had required. Because of my hypothyroidism, she wanted to be sure the baby is growing accordingly.

This ultrasound turned out to be amazingly awesome! The ultrasound tech switched from 2D to 3D and we were actually able to capture a little glimpse of our girl! We cannot believe her cheeks!! And I’m pretty sure she has Eri’s little chin! Such a cutie! We have our rescheduled 3D coming up on Tuesday that we are still excited for, but for now we are at peace with the tiny glimpse at what our girl looks like!