Christmas Vacation

January 10,2019

Boy has a lot happened in the last few months. For starters, I am currently 28 weeks pregnant today! (Whoa!)

Before we got pregnant, we booked a trip to Florida to spend Christmas with my family. My mom and sisters live in the panhandle of Florida, in Navarre, which is between Pensacola and Panama City beach, and my dad and step mom live 8 hours south of them in fort Meyers, Florida. Due to cheaper ticket prices, we flew out of Seattle on Christmas morning, and into Pensacola airport Christmas evening. With a 13 hour travel day, the stress of a house sitter/dog sitter hiccup, and being 25 weeks pregnant, my feet and ankles swelled 4x the size they were before leaving town. We figured the swelling was simply from a long travel day of flying and a bit of dehydration, but because one foot/ankle swelled up larger than the other, we spend the day after Christmas in triage at sacred heart in Pensacola to check for a blood clot. They almost immediately ruled out a blood clot, but just before releasing us they noticed my blood pressure had been elevated upon arriving. I was definitely stressed out-worried about anything going wrong so far away from home, and the environment was a bit stressful, too, but they decided to run tests to rule out preeclampsia. After several hours everything came back normal, and I was finally released.

We spent the next few days with my mom and sisters before heading south to see my pop. An 8-hour drove turned into an 11-hour road trip due to heavy traffic.

Finally we arrived in warm, sunny, beautiful fort Meyers where we spent the remainder of our trip.

We were sad to leave the warm sunshine, but eager to get home to our fur babies after 10 long days away.

Prior to our trip, I failed the 1-hr glucose challenge, and was asked to come back once returning from our trip for the 3-hour test.

Woohoo fun!!

Following our trip, we had our monthly check up with my OB. I Filled her in on the events that took place in Florida, and because my blood pressure was elevated that morning, too, she decided to have me hang around to try to see if my blood pressure would go down a bit. After waiting a few minutes, I was retested, and then admitted to triage once learning it was still elevated.

Triage took urine samples, blood, and checked in on baby. Baby looked great, but they found protein in my urine,

And my blood pressure took quite awhile to come down. Eventually they sent me home with a 24-hr urine collection kit, and told me to return in 24 hours to re-run all the tests. SO, yesterday I was back in triage! They said all of my tests came back normal, and to meet with my doctor again next week. The nurse warned that it could be gestational hypertension, and that they may want to closely monitor me the rest of the pregnancy.

Today I am taking the 3-hour glucose challenge, so hopefully we will get nothing but good news to follow all of this excitement. 🍻cheers to keeping baby girl in for at least 4 more weeks!! We can do it!

Does anyone here have any experience or insight on gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, or simply just getting scares during pregnancy, but nothing coming of it? Please let me know if you have/do!

I’ll insert a few pictures from our Christmas 🙂

my little sister got engaged!!a picture from the hospital. lunch with my big sister!

The beautiful tree at the hospital cold, but still beautiful26 week’s pregnant and swollen feet-life from my perspective lately.

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