Anatomy scan!

November 18,2018

Yesterday we had our anatomy ultrasound! We had been so eager for this ultrasound, because of her health, but especially to confirm her gender since we had already told so many people she was a girl, while also slightly preparing for a girl at home. We would gladly accept any healthy baby, it would just take a little mind alterations :). However, everything went really well, and she is in fact a girl! She is our Lucy Annaliese!

I am 20 weeks and 2 days pregnant today, definitely starting to show, and starting to feel occasional movements across my bladder. I was told at our early gender scan, and then again yesterday that I have an anterior placenta, which is why I’m not feeling a whole lot from her, but the doctor said that should change within the next few weeks.

I am so in love with our sweet girl already. I cannot believe how blessed we are to experience this pregnancy, how fortunate I am to carry this pregnancy, and just what a miracle Lucy’s life is! Eri and I are SO lucky to have been selected to be her mommy and mama!

Early gender ultrasound

October 10,2018

Today we had our early gender scan at an adorable little ultrasound place in Kirkland called hey baby ultrasound. I’m so overly excited to say that we are having a girl!!!!

The ultrasound tech was able to get a clear, immediate view because our girl was just hanging out, being mellow, and sitting perfectly for us to see! The tech was also very confident that she is, in fact, a girl!

I suppose we will have our anatomy scan in a few weeks to confirm, but because of my early intuition, I am 150% sure she is a girl!

Up until today we had her name picked out, but now eri is a bit on the fence with the name, so I’ll be anxious to see where we go with it!

I am literally on cloud nine! I cannot believe I am going to have a daughter!!!