First midwife appointment

September 19,2018

Today we had our first midwife appointment. The entire appointment and process seemed so scary compared to our experiences we have been spoiled with until now. At our fertility clinic, we knew all of the doctors and nurses, they were all fighting for our success, we knew where we would find parking and when, the office was generally pretty empty, and overall it was an extremely comfortable setting. Today was in a hospital, which is already an inevitably uncomfortable setting, there were TONS of women and children in and out within the one hour we were there, the entire process seemed so rushed, we were already nervous about how we would be received as a lesbian couple that got pregnant via reciprocal Ivf (that part ended up going really well, so no complaints there), the parking was slim pickings, and overall it was just a very hospital-Esque feeling. Though, I will admit, our midwife is fantastic, and we felt very comfortable with her, so I feel fortunate there, but we are just missing our team at Poma!

However, we did get to hear baby’s heart rate today. The midwife said it was At about 160-ish, and it was just such a relief to hear that our little bean is growing healthy and strong in there! We are eager to find out whether this baby is a boy or a girl, not that it matters in any way, but we are simply curious, and I am especially eager to get through this first trimester and spread the word to our friends and family.

I know some of my friends have stumbled upon our blog much sooner than I expected. I didn’t expect anyone I know to find this, but Instagram must have done the “people you may know” thing, because I got a text message from a friend saying congratulations. Jessie, if you are reading this, I am sorry this is how you found out! I never anticipated anyone we knew would stumble upon this and find out this way. We had every intention of sharing our blog with everyone interested in reading our story AFTER our announcement, and we simply wanted this outlet as a means to document everything without forgetting, while also connecting with other people going through similar experiences without having to out ourselves so soon in the pregnancy. All the same, we are so fortunate to be so close to exiting the first trimester. Every new milestone is worth celebrating as nothing is ever promised, but we are so excited to celebrate this little love with everyone! ❤️

4 thoughts on “First midwife appointment

    • meetthemorganssite says:

      If I hadn’t made our Instagram for our blog public (I was naive to think none of my friends or family would stumble upon our blog instagram), I don’t think anyone would have made the connection. I also have a friend that receives email notification when I write a blog, and she found out that way when I had a really cute surprise in mind for telling her. Such a bummer. But just trying to keep your blog and Instagram as private as possible, would likely do the trick!! Good luck 🙂

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    • meetthemorganssite says:

      We were actually just assigned a midwife initially. However, my wife had mixed feelings about a midwife, so we are currently seeing midwives AND obs. Basically we are just meeting all the doctors so that we will have a familiar face in the room no matter who ends up delivering!

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