Second ultrasound

August 30,2018

Today I am 9 weeks pregnant, we had our second ultrasound, we got to hear little loves heartbeat, we graduated from our fertility clinic, and it’s also my nieces 22nd birthday! So many big milestones in one day!

Our little love was so incredibly adorable to see today, and while we are so sad to leave our fertility clinic and the amazing team we have had through this clinic, we are so excited to be meet our midwife and meet new pregnancy milestones!

We think we have names picked out for the baby depending on the gender, which is really exciting! And hopefully within the next month or so I’ll start documenting my body changes with photos.

I have no new symptoms, but nausea and heartburn took me out yesterday. I’ve had probably a handful of bad days with nausea since being pregnant, but I’d say yesterday was probably the worst. I felt better today though! Everyday is different! My boobs are still slightly tender, but nothing like they were in the beginning. I have felt entirely useless the last few weeks because I have just been utterly exhausted. I’m hoping the nausea and exhaustion will life by the second trimester so I can get back into working out regularly.

Eri and I are still in a bit of disbelief that this is all happening. Each time we get to see our baby or hear their heartbeat it becomes more real, but it’s just just so unbelievable and so so exciting. I am already so in love with this little bean, and I’m so eager to meet them, while also trying to savor this entire experience.

I feel so fortunate for the privilege to carry this baby. I do not take a single day for granted.

We are still only 9 weeks in, but it’s already such a beautiful journey!!

First ultrasound

August 13,2018

Today was our very first ultrasound and we saw a heartbeat!!!!!!

Although I’ve been tired, randomly nauseous, moody, and averted from foods I love, I have been so worried about this ultrasound. But…we saw a HEARTBEAT!!!!

Oh my gosh. Such an amazing feeling!

Our doctor said our sac was measuring a bit big, but that it was better it be bigger than too small. We are still nervous (are you ever really not nervous anymore?), but we are so much more relieved knowing there is actual life inside of me right now! Ugh. We are so in love! I cannot wait to meet this little person!

Beta #2

August 1, 2018

We received our second Beta results on Sunday July 29th at about noon, and we were ECSTATIC to hear that they had risen accordingly! From 145.9, our numbers rose to 602.6!

Both of our families officially know we are pregnant, despite the fact that it’s still really early. We have warned everyone that it is still early, and that anything can happen, but we have no reason to believe anything will go wrong. With that being said, we remain cautiously optimistic, and our first ultrasound cannot come soon enough.

I cannot wait to see that little heart beat. I think that will make this a little more real for me. I FEEL pregnant-exhausted-alllll the time, napping for hours each day, hungry all the time, heart palpitations, and an almost constant dull ache on the left side of my uterus. But I’m still somewhat in a state of disbelief, so I simply cannot wait to see our baby!