Home pregnancy test

July 23,2018

Today is 6dp5dt. To be honest, from the first day after our transfer, I swear I started feeling symptoms. I’ve literally napped every day since the transfer (napping is not something I usually do unless I’m sick or REALLY tired), I had mild cramping/aching pretty low, my boobs have been super sore, and I have been way hungrier than usual. I know progesterone can cause all of these side effects, so I’ve chalked it up to that.

Three days post transfer, eri and I couldn’t resist the urge to use the only pregnancy test in our home to see if there was any possibility of a positive test. We were given the pregnancy test as a gag gift on our wedding day from my best friend and maid of honor, Emmy. The test allegedly expired in February, we knew it was WAY too early, and yet, we tested anyways….BFN(big fat negative). We were not disappointed, because we knew the likeliness of us receiving a positive was really low.

However, we had fed the monster and all we kept thinking about was testing again. That was Friday morning. We finally decided to test again 5dp5dt, which was Sunday. I peed on the stick first thing in the morning, and immediately the negative sign showed up. However, this time a verrrrrrry faint line came up to make it a positive. Only, we were in complete denial. We kept claiming it had to be an evap line, because it was so faint.

Later, we were out at the store, so eri picked up a different kind of pregnancy test to try again. We spent the rest of the day at the beach in the sunshine with friends, but when I returned, before hopping in the shower, I decided to test. By this time it was about 4:30pm, and that positive pregnancy test was as clear as day!!! I cannot believe we got two positive pregnancy tests!!! We know it is still REALLY early, so we are trying to remain cautiously optimistic, but now we cannot help but feel so much hope and excitement!! I just pray that our BETA comes back with a really good number!

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