Embryo Transfer Day!

July 17,2018

Embryo transfer day!

Our transfer day has already come and gone, and we are officially in the two week wait (TWW)! As we approached the day of the transfer, Eri and I kept walking around in a state of disbelief. How on earth are we already to the transfer portion of this journey? How has this already been going on for 5 months? How are we already almost pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO)?! We just couldn’t understand. And now that we are here in the two week wait, we are even more stunned by how real all of this is. How scary all of this is. And how fast all of this has gone.

I have been ridiculously positive and optimistic throughout this entire journey, and yet, here we are, potentially pregnant, and I can’t seem to feel anything but excitement and freight all jumbled into one emotion. I want this so badly. WE want this so badly.

Our embryo transfer day itself has been probably my favorite day of our journey so far. While I woke up tired and cranky, and even allowed nerves to overcome me for a short while, by the time we were almost to our doctor’s office, I felt a bit better. I was especially relieved once we arrived, because there was nobody in the waiting room but us (I love when that happens)!

We were informed that our doctor was running a bit behind, so I told them I was going to empty my bladder and start over(you’re supposed to have a full bladder for the procedure, and I had been driving and drinking water for well over an hour at that point), and they thought that was a great idea. One of our favorite nurses tried to take us back to the lab portion of the building three times-failing every time. We got quite a kick out of that.

We joked with our nurse about her failing to get us an available bed in the back, and then the receptionist at the front desk decided to start asking us questions about sperm and how we obtained ours. We are always pretty open about discussing our journey to parenthood, so we had no problem answering her questions. Along came another woman whom we had never met, Nancy, who worked in the drug department hahah. I can’t remember her job title exactly, but she overheard our conversation about sperm, and decided to show us a picture of her on a sperm bike from a conference she had just attended. While we all shared a laugh about this, our IVF nurse overheard our laughter, came out, jumped into the conversation, and even provided pictures of a sperm sink from a difference conference that she had once attended. We were having so much fun! It was a great way to relate with these people that are helping us obtain our dream of being mothers- a nice break from the usual formality and professionalism of the office.

Shortly afterward we were taken back. I was so thrilled when the doctor told me that Erika could join me in the transfer room! I had assumed I’d need to go in alone. After we geared up and got ready, they took us back to the room attached to the lab. The other doctor Came out, introduced himself, talked with us a bit about our embryo, and the procedure began. We were able to see our embryo on one screen, and then watch on another as it was Inserted into my uterus. It was absolutely fascinating. Science is SO COOL!

Afterward I was required to lay down for 15 minutes before I could get up. I did that, used the restroom, and we headed home. I napped a bit in the car, came home, and stayed In bed all day.

I’ve basically been on bed rest all day today, too! I’ve been up and down, but I’ve done very little like use the rest room, prep food, wash dishes, etc.

I’ve had some aching and even some cramping today, but of course, it’s probably just the recovery from the transfer procedure itself. I know I am hyper aware of my body right now, but I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic, and dismiss any feeling I may be having. Truthfully, even if I THOUGHT I had implantation cramping, or even if I SEE implantation bleeding, it literally won’t mean anything to me until after our pregnancy test. Oh man, this is going to be a long two weeks 😉

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