Erika’s Egg Retrieval

July 16, 2018

Erika (Eri) has her egg retrieval on Thursday July 12, 2018, and we still can’t believe how that all played out. Despite the fact that my wife had already witnessed MY retrieval, and had a much better idea of what to expect than I had, her nerves consumed her. In fact, our amazing nurse took her vitals once we arrived, and her heart rate was at 112!! 😳

Luckily, they got her back pretty quickly, and they had her out of the procedure even faster than that!

A few days before the retrieval the doctor had said he expected to retrieve 9 eggs, but I was blown away when he told me he retrieved 14! (Remember, I had developed a huge ego when I thought my 10 eggs were impressive—who am I kidding?!)

I didn’t contain my surprise or enthusiasm, so the doctor had to remind me that he expected 9, and he can’t be sure that all 14 are mature. All the same, we were thrilled with the numbers.

By Friday morning we learned that of the 14 retrieved, 13 were mature (!!!!), and 9 had fertilized!!!! We were officially on standby to find out if we would have a day 3 embryo transfer on Sunday, or a day 5 embryo transfer on Tuesday.

Saturday’s phone call assured us that the embryos are developing and maturing phenomenally- “rocking it” as the embryologist said. And we would shoot for a Tuesday transfer!!!

Provided are some pictures from Eri’s retrieval. Her IV had to go in through her hand since her veins are so little and stubborn, and as a result, there was a bloody mess everywhere (don’t worry, I didn’t capture that).

However, less than 40 minutes later she was high from anesthesia, and so very happy! Haha

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