Pre Retrieval

July 10,2018

We are getting closer! We were originally scheduled for a potential egg retrieval for today (Tuesday), but eri’s left ovary is not making the production they had hoped to see, so they pushed it back a little longer. Tonight she finishes with her trigger shot, for a Thursday morning retrieval!

Poor eri has been giving herself injections for about 14 days. She has had to inject herself with much more than I had to, and for much longer, and the meds are taking their toll. She is visibly uncomfortable, irritable, and agitated. And reasonably so!

As of today we are looking at potentially 9 eggs for retrieval, but just like my retrieval, you can never really know.

We still are not sure what day our transfer will be, but for now I’m still on my 5 units of lupron injections each morning, and the estrogen patches along my lower abdomen that are switched out every few days.

I am assuming I will begin progesterone Inserts any day now (so not looking forward to that!), and already look forward to the end of those.

Eri and I have been to our doctors office basically every day for at least the last week. Our doctor is in Kirkland, while we live on an island north of there-making our travel time anywhere between an hour and an hour and 45 minutes (like this morning. Gross!). Yesterday we had to make TWO trips to the office.

We absolutely LOVE our doctors, but we are feeling burnt out from our 5am wake up(s) for our 7am appointments.

That’s it for now, but here are some pictures of some of the injections eri has had to tolerate throughout the last few weeks!

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