Time Flies!

June 22,2018

This week I put my two weeks in at work. There has been so much going on that my work simply cannot be as flexible as we need for all of this fertility treatment, so we decided it was time for me to leave. However, I may go back after we get pregnant.

Eri is just a few days away from starting STIMS, and I am about a week into my leupron injections. More importantly and incredibly, we are about three weeks away from retrieval and transfer, and 4 weeks away from our blood test results that will tell us whether we are pregnant or not. Ahhh!!! We are so close yet so far away!

We cannot wait! This entire process seems so surreal! We have wanted this from the very beginning of our relationship, and now we are in it, and it is just flying by. If this pregnancy sticks we could literally be less than a year away from being parents! Unbelievable! Oh, god, I hope this first attempt takes! I cannot wait to meet our little people!

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