What a ride!

Since my last post, I suddenly and unexpectedly learned that the closest grandfather figure I’ve ever known was diagnosed with a cancer that he kept from the family until it was much too late. By my birthday, August 22, he passed away. While overcoming a devastating depression, I was also forced to internalize that-an event I still can’t exactly verbalize. I just can’t believe he is gone.

However, August was also a monumental time, in that it was kinda the momentum to surviving the depression I had experienced-despite the loss of someone significant to my life for so long.

Fast forward to October, the funeral, and also my going back to work, which significantly helped me rediscover my sense of self. I’m back! I feel great, and by February, my wife and I decided to finally start the journey to parenthood. We hope we achieve it, but of course we are cautiously optimistic!

However, alas, to follow is some of the documentation the two of us have done so far.

Thank you for reading!


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