Donor selection!

March 31,2018

Today was a monumental step in our journey. We selected the donor we thought eligible enough to make up the second half of our child/children’s DNA.

We thought the process would be much more difficult, but once we knew, we knew. We have essentially been looking at donors for the last year-more seriously within the last two months. But even when I would find a donor I liked, I’d inevitably find things I disliked, too. Same scenario would play out for Eri, too. And, inevitably, sometimes we would just completely disagree among the two of us.

About a week ago we found our donor, and for days we kept looking-just to see if we’d find anything/anyone better. Ultimately, the following donors were only compared to the one we ended up choosing. We know this step is a huge one. We also know that it might raise questions from our child later in life. We desperately wanted to choose an open donor when we started this process, but sadly, our hearts landed on someone whose heart may not be in the same place as ours long term. Our kiddos will still be able to obtain information about him, and they can request to contact him, and later he may change his mind…but ultimately, he doesn’t have to. We are hopeful that the pretty excessive amount of information we have on him will suffice when the time arrives.

We are one step closer to meeting our babies, and our hearts could literally explode with gratitude, joy, excitement, and love.

We are eternally grateful to our donor helper, and we hope one day our children will be too.

Next stop-uterin testing!

Baseline ultrasound and blood work

February 21, 2018

Much of my life I have been convinced that my body would never make it easy, if even possible at all, to make babies. I’ve never worried that I could carry babies; I just never believed my body would make them without assistance from a doctor. As a result, the idea of my own biology has never weighed heavy on my heart. I almost always believed I would adopt my children, and even at the age of 7 I was telling my entire family that I wanted 7 black babies from Africa. My family would laugh, assuming I was joking, but my heart was always actually in that place.

When I met my amazing wife, I suddenly developed the urge, desire, and necessity to carry my babies. Not necessarily my GENETICS, but certainly our babies. After countless discussions, Eri and I decided that I would carry her eggs. And while she put up a good fight and really wanted me to carry both of our eggs, ultimately I still didn’t believe my body would be willing to participate accordingly, and so I didn’t think the financial aspect of it all made sense.

However, today was a slightly exciting day for me. First and foremost, my wife and I took a GIANT leap toward making our dreams of being mothers come true. I finally had a period-which is pretty rare and Unexpecting for me. I never know when my period will show up. So this time, when I knew it was coming, Eri and I made the decision that I would call our fertility doctor to schedule the tests they had told us about at our consultation we had about a year ago. Of course, in natural Katie fashion, my period had to show up on a holiday weekend. Saturday February 17-presidents day weekend. Knowing the clinic was closed, I called anyways, and left a message. Surprisingly, Monday (Presidents’ Day), I received a phone call in return, but was unable to answer the phone. The receptionist left a message that she was going to schedule an appointment for me for the next morning at 7am. Unfortunately, my work schedule is 5am-1pm, and so I obviously could not make that appointment. I called the next day, and they said I needed to get in no later than Wednesday, because that would be day 5 of my cycle, and the latest I could have the ultrasound.

I moved my hours at work around, and was able to make the appointment.

Never expecting anything special to come of this appointment, the doctor inserted the probe and began the ultrasound. She said “this is your right ovary over here, I see some eggs, which is good. The more we see the better. We want you to have at least 10-15 eggs here.” She counted 28 from my right ovary alone.

The left ovary was a bit more confusing to me. She stopped counting out loud along the way, but she ended with 35. I said 35?! And she said 35! Now, I don’t know if that meant 35 total, or 35 on that ovary alone, but either way, at one point she even mentioned me an “overachiever”. I couldn’t believe it! Never was I expected overachievement from my body I have literally doubted for almost 30 years!

I’m not sure that we will actually end up using these eggs, but if it increases our chances, we may just end up doing both mine and eri’s eggs after all!

I had to make this entry, as our prospects of parenthood are finally being put into action. We are still somewhat in disbelief that it’s finally in motion, but we are so very excited!

Eri is due to start her period any day now, so she Will be up next for the same testing. We will also wait about a week before my blood results come back in to determine my hormone levels and whether they are compatible with fertility.

Thank you for reading this documentation!

The Morgan’s

What a ride!

Since my last post, I suddenly and unexpectedly learned that the closest grandfather figure I’ve ever known was diagnosed with a cancer that he kept from the family until it was much too late. By my birthday, August 22, he passed away. While overcoming a devastating depression, I was also forced to internalize that-an event I still can’t exactly verbalize. I just can’t believe he is gone.

However, August was also a monumental time, in that it was kinda the momentum to surviving the depression I had experienced-despite the loss of someone significant to my life for so long.

Fast forward to October, the funeral, and also my going back to work, which significantly helped me rediscover my sense of self. I’m back! I feel great, and by February, my wife and I decided to finally start the journey to parenthood. We hope we achieve it, but of course we are cautiously optimistic!

However, alas, to follow is some of the documentation the two of us have done so far.

Thank you for reading!