Wedding Day Bliss

I figured since our wedding was so recently and definitely the happiest day of my life to date, that it may not be a bad idea to share the details of the day with those that might care! haha!  Erika and I got married on Friday September 23, 2016 here in Washington state, with our closest friends and family there to celebrate with us!  It was a cold and rainy morning (surprising, I’m sure, for Washington weather ;P ), and it started, for me, at 6:00.  My mom was the only other person awake in our house (my brother Jon, his wife, Erica-yes, we both married Erica’s, their son Jameson, and my mom were all in town and staying at our house for the week of the wedding), so I went into the room she was staying in,to finish up a little gift I had been working on for Erika.  I spent a little over a year writing her a letter a day into a journal, finishing with the morning of our wedding, and giving it to her on the night of our marriage.  And so that is what I had to finish that morning.  I was extremely calm, no longer nervous or anxiety ridden, but overwhelmingly emotional as I added my final words and thoughts to her as we left our engagement and entered our lifelong commitment to each other.  I remember my mom bursting through the door, because she had needed something from her room, and asking me “are you okay?”.  I thought “GET OUT OF HERE!”, but responded with a gentle nodding of my head.  I was taking in every emotion, feeling, and reflection from the past two and a half years of our relationship, and was annoyed that it was being interrupted.  (Sorry mom, it was me, not you).  Afterward, I tied the book together with string, hid it where Erika would definitely not find it (it was the same spot I had been hiding it for the last year and a half-a box in our closet that I knew she would never open), woke up my beautiful sleeping bride, and the excitement of the day began.  We showered, but then we went and grabbed my nephew, Jameson from my brother.  He was just three months old at the time, and literally the cutest little pudge ball you could possibly imagine.  We put him on our bed and spent a few moments of quality babble time with him, before we had to jump into the hustle of the day.  It was nice to take those few moments and just laugh with my fiance and nephew before allowing the chaos of the day to take over.  People were already in and out of the house, helping us load things into cars, grab essentials for the day, and shoving breakfast down our throats before heading to the venue.  It was a little crazy for a moment, but we were utterly grateful for every corner of the entire day.

We arrived to the venue where the hair and makeup artists had already arrived, and family members popped out of nowhere to help unload our cars as we ran to the bridal suite to get ready.  All of our girls (Maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girls, etc) were there, there were mimosas and food, toys for the kids to play with, and our wedding coordinator flawlessly running around preparing our venue for the event ahead.  It was busy.  It was beautiful.  It was our wedding day!!!!!! And I was eerily calm.  I cannot explain the calm that washed over me.  It was truly surreal.  I had nerves that were practically suffocating me months and weeks leading to the day, but as soon as it arrived, I was the calmest I have ever been.

It had been raining the entire morning, and at one point our wedding coordinator said we needed to move the ceremony site, because it’s original location was much too muddy.  To me, nothing could alter the perfection of the day.  The ceremony site needed to be moved? No problem, Rachael (the coordinator), you put us wherever you see fit!  Oh, the bridal bouquets were not here and it was picture time?  No problem, grab some flowers out of the centerpieces for the reception tables-those outta do!  Nothing seemed to matter.  All of the planning of tiny details for the day just simply did not matter anymore.  The venue was beautiful, and nothing could “rain on our parade”.  Pun intended.  Much to our surprise, the rain stopped about ten minutes before we were to walk down the aisle. It was cold, but it was not raining.  In fact, we made it through the entire fifteen minute ceremony, and the twenty to thirty minutes of taking pictures after the ceremony without any rain.  It started raining again during the reception, but we were under a tent, so it truly did not matter at ALL.

The day could not have been more perfect.  Erika and I both sobbed walking down the aisle-something neither of us expected to happen, our dogs whined the entire ceremony (which was both adorable and suiting), and we had the best people with us to celebrate our love.  But to top off the entire evening, my brothers, Jon and Chad prepared and performed our first dance for us.  Chad was singing and Jon played the guitar.  It was so beautiful and special, and it just literally warms my heart when I think about what a gift that was and is.  I will stop babbling on about this beautiful day, but instead, I’ll insert some pictures that were captured of the day!  By the way, all of these pictures were taken by Kyle Goldie of Luma Weddings.  If you ever need a photographer-he is AMAZING!  Obviously! 🙂  Thanks for reading!  -Katie


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