We are new to this blogging town!

Hello, readers-whomever you may be!  My name is Katie Morgan, and I am currently a housewife. Or, as I prefer to refer to myself- a stay-at-home dog mom!  I’ve decided to tackle this daunting idea of writing blogs, as I have this immense passion for writing (typically children’s stories, or nonsense journal entries), and thought maybe, just MAYBE somebody might have even the tiniest inclination to read anything I might write about.  So, here I am.

A few years ago I met my (now) wife while living a few hours south of her, and working for UPS.  I was newly sober (that’s a an entire story in itself), in this brand new and exciting relationship, working for a company I loved, living with an amazing roommate-even though she was deployed to Afghanistan for most of our time as roommates, I still loved the heck out of her.  And I had just been handed an exciting promotion for the company I loved, while living in my new home of Washington state.  I had moved to Washington a few months prior to all of these exciting things happening, and ultimately, I was just in love with my new life.  Only, after accepting this new promotion with UPS, I realized that maybe I hadn’t thought everything through.  My new girlfriend lived two and a half hours north of where I had accepted this job, my roommate was soon returning home from Afghanistan and had every intention of living with her boyfriend that she had started getting serious with just before deployment, and my girlfriend and I had been in the depths of discussing the seriousness of our own relationship.  I guess now would be a good time to name drop.  My roommates name was Emmy, and my girlfriends name was Erika.  There, now I don’t need to refer to them as “roommate”, or “girlfriend”, anymore!  So, anyways, eventually, Erika and I agreed that her selling or renting her house and moving down south to me, where we would only have to rent or buy another house just didn’t make a whole lot of sense given the seriousness and gravity of our relationship ( We knew pretty early on in our relationship that we were a forever kind of thing), and inevitably, I decided to reject the exciting job promotion and move in with Erika.  It was a HUGE deal, and a BIG move for our relationship, but I went on to marry her, so I’d say it was actually the best decision I’ve ever made! 🙂

After moving in with Erika, I decided to apply for an Aerospace program, that I was immediately accepted into.  It was the same program Erika had  gone to that paved the way for her current career as an Aerospace Mechanic.  I LOVED the program, and learned a LOT about Aerospace, and myself as I discovered just how much I loved the work I was doing.  Once I completed the program, I was overwhelmingly excited about following in Erika’s footsteps and having a similar career.  Only, after application upon application, and interview upon interview, I never got a job.  To this day, I have not been denied the positions, I just haven’t been selected for them, either.  That’s the ugly reality of applying for such a large company -it could take YEARS before your name is drawn.  After struggling for a LONG time with the idea of not finding a job that I was interested in, and adapting to being unemployed and a “housewife”, I have FINALLY accepted where I am at in my life.  It has been a long time coming, but I finally feel proud that I was the one that was able to put the tiny details of our wedding together during the year and a half engagement/wedding planning process.  And I am even more proud that I get to be home and care for our home, my wife, our dogs, our appointments, groceries, and everything else that comes along with “adulting”.

However, after eliminating some forms of social media from my life, and really digging into my love for writing, I decided “what the hell. Why not!” and decided to give this blogging gig a try.  I’m not sure anyone will ever read this, but if you do….WELCOME!  Hello!  And thank you for stopping by.  Eventually I will use this space to document our journey as a two-mom family as we try to conceive.  Maybe this space will be a place that other women will find and be able relate to our situation.  That would be wonderful!  Alright, that’s it!  Thanks again!


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